Monday, March 22, 2010

To infinity and beyond!

Spring is finally here, I can feel it! (In my mind and not so much when I am still huddled up in my down jacket)
No but seriously folks. It came officially on Sunday!
And with it has come fresh flowers, sunshine, a little bit of SNOW, and a feeling of change and excitement in the air. 

Last week, I had lots of fun adventures after a good 3 months of hibernating with only my new zip up blanket, The Wire, and my fiance to keep me warm. While this was great for sharpening my TV watching attention span, it has been killer on my personal drive and ability to branch out, so to speak. 

But in the last few weeks, I have gotten out more than I probably did all winter long. The man and I decided to make an effort to be more supportive of our creative cohorts and we saw THREE different shows in the span of like 10 days! We were quite proud of ourselves and feel that we lived up to the urban hipness we strive to achieve by living in Chicago and being...well...urban and hip (we think). So that was great and inspiring and fun too. I highly recommend Chicago people stuck in the 80s like myself go see The Breakfast Club, the Musical. Worth it. I bet it will be on Broadway (or at least Off-Broadway) in no time. It has been selling out constantly so get tickets in advance! The other shows are all closed by now so that is the only one I will praise so as not to disappoint anyone.

I also had some fun new developments in my personal life:

I originally wrote about one of the exciting new developments pretty candidly, then realized that this is, after all, the internets. A "series of tubes" to tranfer information to the masses. And while I am guessing my tiny universe of readers is small, who knows who might be reading, ya know? And so, seeing as how that whole thing is still pending an official outcome, lets just leave it at this--I had a nice phone call. More on that later!

In other news, I finally have an update on my BFD! All my nervousness about it was unnecessary! How appropriate an acronym for my Blind Friend Date, because it truly wasn't a BFD (ie big f***ing deal). It was actually just fine. Our time was fun, easy and interesting. Nothing like a job interview, or even like a real blind date, where there might be awkward lulls or uncomfortable staring contests across the table. I was sad she does not watch LOST but happy that she was up to snuff with celebrity gossip. I could not share her affinity for Survivor (still!) but we both got excited talking about all things wedding-related (I am engaged, she got married not too long ago.) She shared her story of being from NY and I shared mine about the trek from California. We both had a lot to contribute to the conversation and it was really enjoyable. I like that in this situation, none of the blind date disappointed feelings of oh, he/she does not like that too? He/she does not know that old show?come into play. Instead it's Oh, I never saw that show. Maybe I should check it out, or Hmmm what a fun thing she does that I know nothing about. How interesting! So that is the cool thing about going on a friend date with someone you don't know. It is more fun to explore someone when you aren't worried about having enough in common to make it work for the long haul. You are just looking for someone with whom you can gab over coffee or check out the new movie. No need for the "must have" lists we use for romantic endeavors.

Anyway so our time together was short (it was a school night) but sweet and I look forward to hanging out again soon. I promised myself I would not let our connection go the way of the Dodo bird like I have with so many other acquaintances in the past. I will make an effort. Because as this little experiment has proved, it is good and beneficial and even fulfilling to step outside the comfort zone and put yourself out there.

All in all, this whole Spring thing is really giving me a boost to my engines and a desire to strive for what is new and adventurous and even scary. All this in the hopes that opportunities will come my way as a result of my fearlessness and up-for-anything attitude. Here's hoping.

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